Women's College Lacrosse Recruits

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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Maddie Magliocca TLC 2023 Red Midfield2023
Hailey Simpson VA Metro 23 Black Midfield2023
Isabella Askey TLC 2023 Red Midfield2023
Mackenzie Grogan TLC 2024 Red Attack / Midfield2024
Carolyne Chase VA Metro 23 Blue Attack / Midfield2023
Ella Gembicki TLC 2024 Red 2024
Ashley Martin TLC 2024 Red Attack2024
Catherine Yurko VA Metro 23 Black Defense2023
Brooke Frishman VA Metro 23 Black Midfield2023
Emileigh Goodloe VA Metro 23 Black Goalie2023
Kylie Sobel VA Metro 23 Black Attack2023
Kaitlyn Sobel VA Metro 23 Black Defense2023
Makenzie Kerner TLC 2024 Red Defense2024
Madelyn Kissinger TLC 2023 Red Goalie2023
Avery Smith VA Metro 23 Black Attack / Midfield2023
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MIDATL 2021 F F N 5 0
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