Accepted Team For 2023

Teams by Division

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Arizona (waivers)University of ArizonaAZWCLA D1 Four GamesAccepted
BYU (waivers)Brigham Young UniversityUTWCLA D1 Three GamesAccepted
Cal Poly SLO (waivers)Cal Poly SLOCAWCLA D1 Three GamesAccepted
Colorado (waivers)University of ColoradoCOWCLA D1 Four GamesAccepted
Colorado State (waivers)Colorado State UniversityCOWCLA D1 Four GamesAccepted
Dominican (waivers)Dominican University of CaliforniaCAWCLA D1 Three GamesAccepted
Minnesota (waivers)University of MinnesotaMNWCLA D1 Three GamesAccepted
Oregon (waivers)University of OregonORWCLA D1 Three GamesAccepted
Saint Mary's (CA) (waivers)Saint Mary's College of CaliforniaCAWCLA D1 Four GamesAccepted
Santa Clara (waivers)Santa Clara UniversityCAWCLA D1 Three GamesAccepted
UC Davis (waivers)UC DavisCAWCLA D1 Three GamesAccepted
UC Santa Barbara (waivers)UC Santa BarbaraCAWCLA D1 Four GamesAccepted
UCSD (waivers)UC San DiegoCAWCLA D1 Four GamesAccepted
USC (waivers)University of Southern CaliforniaCAWCLA D1 Three GamesAccepted
Utah (waivers)University of UtahUTWCLA D1 Four GamesAccepted
Washington (waivers)University of WashingtonWAWCLA D1 Three GamesAccepted


Marquette (waivers)Marquette UniversityWIWCLO D1 Four GamesAccepted


Cal Poly SLO B (waivers)Cal Poly SLOCAWCLA D2 Four GamesAccepted
Cal State Fullerton (waivers)Cal State FullertonCAWCLA D2 Four GamesAccepted
Chico State (waivers)Chico State UniversityCAWCLA D2 Four GamesAccepted
Concordia (waivers)Concordia University, IrvineCAWCLA D2 Three GamesAccepted
Nevada (waivers)University of Nevada, RenoNVWCLA D2 Four GamesAccepted
San Jose State (waivers)San Jose State UniversityCAWCLA D2 Three GamesAccepted
San Marcos (waivers)Cal State San MarcosCAWCLA D2 Four GamesAccepted
SBCC (waivers)Santa Barbara City CollegeCAWCLA D2 Three GamesAccepted
Sonoma State (waivers)Sonoma State UniversityCAWCLA D2 Three GamesAccepted
Stanford (waivers)Stanford UniversityCAWCLA D2 Four GamesAccepted
UC Irvine (waivers)UC IrvineCAWCLA D2 Four GamesAccepted
UC Santa Cruz (waivers)UC Santa CruzCAWCLA D2 Three GamesAccepted
UNLV (waivers)University of Nevada, Las VegasNVWCLA D2 Four GamesAccepted

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