• Tournament Information
      Event Description
      The Santa Barbara Shootout is the premiere pre-season event for WCLA teams. The Shootout is played in Santa Barbara County between Southern California and Central California. The Shootout will be played at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club. 
      The entry fees cover the expenses for running a National Tournament level experience for the teams.
      Event Dates & Times
      Friday February 14, 2020 10am to 6pm WCLA Divisions
      Saturday February 15, 2020 8am to 6pm All Divisions
      Sunday February 16, 2020 8am to 4pm All Divisions

      Be sure your matchup is mutually agreed upon by both teams and keep in mind you may choose the game day but not the game time.

      • Friday games start at 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm & 4:00pm.
      • Saturday games start at 8:00am, 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm & 4:00pm.
      • Sunday games start at 8:00am, 10:00am, 12:00pm & 2:00pm.
      Division Name Description
      Air Division (WCLA Division 1) For All WCLA Division 1 Teams
      Mountain Division (WCLA Division 2) For All WCLA Division 2Teams
      Ocean Division (WWLL B, Provisional Division) B Teams, Provisional Teams
      Pocono Division (Open) Alumni, Post-Collegiate & International Teams



      Polo Club Rules

      1. No dogs allowed. Please leave your pets at home. Please have all your documentation for your service animal.
      2. There is no parking available for motor homes or RV's or RV trailers.
      WCLA Game Options
      1. WCLA teams play a set schedule with pre-arranged match-ups that count toward national rankings.
      2. D1 should schedule D1 and D2 should schedule D2. Please contact us if you must schedule cross-division matchups before you commit to each other.  
      3. Please be ready to accept any game time on a day you request to play.  Do not request the day if you can't play on it anytime you get a game time assigned. Make your travel plans accordingly.
      4. The base entry fee covers three full length regulation games. The preferred schedule request is 1 game Friday, 1 game Saturday & 1 game Sunday. Saturday is the busiest day of play.  Some teams play Friday and Saturday, others Saturday and Sunday. Everyone is here on Saturday.
      5. The additional game fee for a fourth game is $250.00. If a team must have a fourth game please play 2 Friday, 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday or 1 Friday, 1 Saturday and 2 Sunday.   

      High School Divisions

      1. High school divisions are on February 8 - 9, 2020 in the Santa Barbara Winter Showdown.
      SB Shootout Schedule On Mobile App

      Tournament Rules

      U.S. Lacrosse, WCLA rules will be used at the SB Shootout unless otherwise stated here. Print them from the U.S. Lacrosse website or bring your rule book with you.

      1. Home team (listed first on the schedule) wears their white jersey.
      2. WCLA & WWLL B Division games are regulation scoring & timing, including overtime.
      3. All standard U.S. Lacrosse rules apply, including misconduct (yellow and red cards) apply.
      4. Both coaches and both referees please agree to final score and sign the score card each game.

      Score Reporting & Statistics

      We will time your games and keep the score but we are not recording any statistics. A goal total will be kept with the tally method. Goals will be attributed to a team but not to individuals. WCLA teams will need to report scores to their leagues and national associations.  Scores will be posted on this website and on our mobile app. All teams that need to record statistics are to take care of that on their sideline area.


      Please use your GPS to navigate to 3300 Via Real, Carpinteria, CA 93013. You may also use this link to our Printed Directions.

      Field Map

      Click Here for the Field Map.


      Parking at the SB Polo Fields is $10 per car per day.

      1. Two or three day parking passes are available for sale on Friday and Saturday. Save time and be in the fast lane on your subsequent days by buying both days at one time on Friday. Please have exact change of $10 cash or $20 cash or $30 cash ready for the attendant. 
      2. There is no parking available for motor homes or cars with RV trailers.
      3. Charter buses may drop off and exit, to return when it is time to pick up your team. 
      Team Entry Fee Divisions
      $1,500.00 USD Early Bird WCLA D1 & D2 Divisions (First 3 Games)
      $950.00 USD Early Bird WWLL B & Provisional Divisions (First 3 Games)
      $250.00 USD Additional Game Fee
      $200.00 USD
      December 15th Late Fee
      $400.00 USD January 15th Late Fee






      Click To See Where Entry Fee Goes

      Refundable Entry Fee:  Catastrophy insurance coverage will reimburse you for your entry fee if we're unable to run the tournament. Refunds will be given for weather cancelation if the Polo Club closes the fields. (Effective starting February 2018). However, the SB Shootout can not refund individuals who are unable to attend due to individual circumstances. Team travel is also only covered if a team opts into the additional insurance coverage for it. The SB Shootout can not refund teams that come up short on players or change their plans to participate. We apologize in advance for this situation.

      Again, your entry fee includes cancellation insurance that will refund your entry fee if the event is cancelled.  It does not cover you if you don't show for non-tournament reasons.

      Late Fee:  $200 is the late fee if a team hasn't paid in full before December 15th. There's another $200 added if a team hasn't paid before January 15th, total of $400 late fee.

      Player Fee: $0.  There is no player fee when playing on a registered team but all players are required to register online for insurance purposes and for their parent or legal guardian to electronically sign the participant waiver. 


      The Santa Barbara Shootout has hotels listed here on this website. The Shootout is a Stay & Play tournament.  If you reserve outside the block then your tournament registration will be rescinded. See our Hotels & Travel section (top menu bar) for more information.

      First-Aid, Athletic Trainers & Paramedics

      The Santa Barbara Shootout provides comprehensive sports medicine care for the athletes participating in the event.  For the comfort and safety of everyone we will have multiple medical stations staffed to provide immediate on-field response for injuries.
      The medical stations are staffed with Certified Athletic Trainers to assess and treat athletes with all types of sports injuries, aches and pains.  Additionally, athletes will have access to Athletic Trainers for pregame taping, wrapping and ice for post game treatment. All medical services are included with your team entry fee, including athletic and kinesiotaping for injuries. 
      Medical Services for the Santa Barbara Shootout are coordinated and supervised by Wyatt Blue of Gameday Athletic Trainers.  For more information about medical services for this event please refer to Gameday Athletic Trainers website at GamedayTrainers.com or email Wyatt Blue at wyatt@gamedaytrainers.com.


      We have a few additional marketing opportunities available. The Shootout is a $750,000 economic impact event with more than 4,000 athletes and family coming to Santa Barbara County. Interested businesses please contact Paul Ramsey at admin@sbshootout.com or by phone to (805) 636-6772.

      Need More Information

      If you need additional information please Contact Us.

    • Shootout 2018
      The 2018 Santa Barbara Shootout dates are February 16 - 18 at the Santa Barbara Polo Club. The 2017 event was flooded out during Tropical Storm Lucifer. Great losses were experienced on all sides and the facility owner, ERG Polo Fields, did not refund the $25,0000 facility fee nor did he honor a credit toward a future use. Then he sold the property so there's nothing more can be done about it.
      Adjustments Made For 2018:
      1. Moved high school divisions to an earlier weekend. High school teams may play in the Santa Barbara Winter Showdown. The next one is February 10 - 11, 2018 at the Santa Barbara Polo Club.
      2. The SB Shootout is now a WCLA only team event for WCLA DI, WCLA DII and WWLL B teams. A smaller number of teams will be accommodated and it will be more the size of the U.S. Lacrosse WCLA Tournament in May.
      3. With a smaller number of teams comes some flexibility if there's need for backup artificial turf fields. If it's not a 12 field event then it won't need 12 backup turf fields. 
      4. The new SB Shootout entry fee will include tournament insurance that covers expenses and not just medical liability. Different plan options, costs and coverages are under review.  Even though the chances of another storm like Tropical Storm Lucifer are slim such an occurrence will now be covered. 
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