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Printable Copy of Waiver

Every Player before entering any field, must be on team roster and must have signed a waiver.  Sincsports sends messages everyday until waiver is signed.  If you are having trouble with system or adding players day of tournament, please print paper waiver below and have parent sign and hand in before entering field.


Tournament Rules



TOP of the BAY Sports is pleased to announce the appointment of Halpern Travel as our Official Tournament Housing Coordinator for Summer Showcase.  All out-of-area teams are required to reserve a MINIMUM of (8) eight rooms through Halpern Travel to be eligible to participate in the tournament.   


Teams that are based within a 100 mile radius of Cedar Lane Regional Park and are planning to commute are exempt from complying with the TOP of the BAY Sports housing policy.  Addresses used for the determination of the distance will be the address of Cedar Lane Regional Park and the Club’s physical address. Google Maps TM or other approved online mapping services will be used to determine driving distance.


Halpern Travel comes to us highly recommended for their commitment to providing professional service and for their attention to detail.  Halpern Travel’s secure, online hotel reservation system allows teams to view information about hotels, including rate, location, amenities and availability.  Teams are able to choose from an extensive selection of quality hotels with reasonable rates.  Teams are able to reserve their rooms 24/7.


Clubs requiring a large block of rooms for multiple teams should contact Halpern Travel for special assistance at 888.640.6400.

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We look forward to partnering with Halpern Travel to successfully meet the housing needs of teams attending Summer Showcase.






Refund Policy / Park Policies


  • Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable after final payment deadline on May 1, 2019.
  • In the event of adverse weather that causes complete or significant cancellation of tournament play, Top of the Bay Sports will endeavor to offer either partial or full refunds (excluding deposits) to participating teams, dependent on when the cancellation occurs. There shall be no refunds for individual games or playoff games lost to weather delays. Clubs will be notified if any adverse weather refund shall be provided within 30 days following event. In no event shall Top of the Bay Sports be responsible for refunding individual player fees paid to any given Club to attend Summer Showcase.  Please contact your Club Administrator for information on how any adverse weather-related team refunds might be applied at the Club level.
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Adverse Weather Policy & Evacuation Plan

                      With all outdoor events weather is a concern.  Summer Showcase reserves the right to reschedule tournament games, shorten, convert the format or cancel due to adverse weather, poor fields conditions or public safety.    In the event of Lightning the staff will suspend play immediately and all will be asked to leave fields.  Play will then resume 30 minutes are the last siting of lightning.  Games will resume in real time.  So we will start with the next regularly schedule games.   All weather updates will be on the main page of the website, social media and a text message will go to all whom signed up to receive messages.

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