Currently, there are no spectator limitations or mask requirements in Baltimore County.  The league will follow any requirements from Baltimore County.  Last year's COVID Format and requirements can be found HERE as an example.


  • 2021 US Lacrosse Women’s Field Rules (including self start, free movement and 8 meter penalty shot positioning)
  • 7 V 7 including goalie
  • 2 players from each team and goalie must stay behind the half field restraining line (4 V 4 inside the 50)
  • 24 minute running clock halves with a 2 minute half time and 10 minutes between games.  Teams must leave IMMEDIATELY once their game ends.
  • Teams must not enter the building until the previous teams leave and the scorekeeper lets them in.
  • No timeouts
  • Games will begin with a draw at the start of each half only.  Goals will be confirmed by a referee whistle and signal, but play will restart with a goalie clear, rather than a draw
  • Ball touching the boards/glass is out of bounds on a pass.  On a shot, the ball will stay a live ball in play.
  • Teams are responsible for bringing their own reversible jerseys
  • Teams are responsible for having a parent/coach representative on the sidelines with the team for the duration of the game
  • At each game, each team must provide a goalie (from their own roster) and enough field players to play from their own roster (at least 6 field players from their own roster).
  • Teams may borrow field players from another team's roster, ONLY if that team is from the same school/organization and ONLY if those field players are playing up a division.  Game scores in this situation will stand.  No players may play down a division (ie MDS A division can borrow from MDS B division, but MDS B division cannot borrow from MDS A division). 
  • Teams may borrow a goalie from another team's roster ONLY if that team is from the same school/organization.  Goalies may play up OR down a division within school teams (ie MDS A division goalie can play for MDS B division and vice versa).  Game scores in this situation will stand.
  • If no goalies or not enough field players are available on in school teams, a team may borrow goalies or field players from another school/organization's registered team, BUT they will FORFEIT the score of that game.  We want teams to still be able to get out and play, even if they have to borrow players.  For the championship format, however, the game will be reported as a 1-0 forfeit.  If you are borrowing players from a different school/organization's team, please be sure to report that to the scorekeeper at your game, so the forfeit can be recorded.  Failure to report will result in additional future game scores being forfeited.
  • Please make every effort to commit to sending enough players to each game.  Please commit to sending a goalie to each game.  Many teams are driving a decent distance to compete in the BWI League, and we ask that all participants respect each other in their commitment to play.
  • A high level of sportsmanship is expected from players, parents, coaches and fans at all times
  • Players receiving Red Cards will immediately be suspended from the duration of the current game as well as be disallowed from playing in their team's next game.  If a player who received a red card rejoins the current game or plays in their team's next game, that player will cause their team to forfeit the score of the game.
  • Every effort will be made to allow games to be played, but failure to comply with any of the above league rules will result in the score being recorded as a 1-0 FORFEIT.


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