Women's College Lacrosse Recruits

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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Delanie Abere MD United 2025 East Attack2020
Natalya Krouse Wildcats Lacrosse 2024 Midfield2024
Hayden Jessop Hero's 2025 white 2025
Audrey Boyce Big 4 HHH 2024 2018
Grace Lamon MD United 2025 East Midfield2019
Julia Caufield East Coast Select 24 2019
Rose Harris Coppermine 2028 Black 2019
Paige Klima MD United 2028 2019
Bryn Baker York Invaders 24/25 2019
Claire Fowler Big 4 HHH 2024 2018
First Last Hero's 2024 white Position 2019
Sydney Wanamaker Pride 2027 White 2019
Tournament has ended
LAXINOLF 2019 F F 4 0
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