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Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Isabella Hughes M&D Orlando 24 Black Midfield2024
Nina Menozzi M&D Orlando 24 Black Defense2024
Caroline Trinkaus CT Grizzlies 24 Yellow Midfield2024
Brianna Valdivieso Florida Select 2023 Goalie2023
Sophia Santagata Lax Maniax 23 Black Attack2023
Grace Tighe Florida Select 2023 Defense2023
Hannah Major Florida Select 2023 Goalie2023
Katie Bloomer CT Grizzlies 23 Midfield2023
Keira Best CT Grizzlies 24 Yellow Attack2024
Margaret Harmon Florida Select 2023 Defense2023
Tori Balser Lax Maniax 23 Black 2023
Alexa Vega Florida Select 2023 Midfield2023
Kate Demark CT Grizzlies 23 Midfield2023
Amelia Lewis CT Grizzlies 24 Yellow 2024
Chloe Pierini Lax Maniax 23 Black 2023
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EYEOFTH 2022 F F N 4 0
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