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It is the expectation of the Chattanooga Challenge Tournament staff that all clubs, teams and players competing in any DLC Sports event fully comply with the Rules & Guidelines as outlined below.

Any effort to circumvent the spirit and/or intent of the Rules & Guidelines may result in the disqualification of the affected club, team, and/or player(s) from any current or future DLC Sports, Inc. event(s).

Special attention will be paid to any infractions/violations of the Eligibility for Participation requirements.  The Administrator and/or Coach of each club/team, by registering their respective team(s) for the tournament, certifies that the credentials of each player on the roster complies with age, roster, and other requirements as it relates to player assignments and that each player has electronically signed the waiver for each event.  Coaches/Administrators may be asked by League or Tournament officials to further certify and/or verify player roster assignments and age compliance at any time prior to or during the event.  Violations of the Eligibility for Participation requirements will not be tolerated.

Tournament fees will not be refunded to any club / team /player disqualified from a DLC Sports, Inc. event. 

Chattanooga Challenge Tournament Directors reserve the right to render any interpretation, make any decision, or take any action it deems is in the best interests of the tournament, and its participating players and teams.

Eligibility rules for participation in the Chattanooga Challenge are intended to reinforce the honor, spirit and traditions of the sport of lacrosse; provide a safe, competitive environment for players; and offer an enjoyable experience for spectators. 

We regularly monitor the eligibility rules of US Lacrosse, the governing body for the sport in the United States, and other similarly organized and operated tournament events, and seek to synchronize our Rules & Guidelines with these organizations wherever and whenever possible.  However, we reserve the right to set, establish, and promulgate rules which ensure the most equitable and safe competitive environment possible.

General eligibility rules include:

  • All players are required to be an active and fully-paid member of U.S. Lacrosse and certify such membership;
  • All coaches are required to be an active and fully-paid member of U.S. Lacrosse and certify such membership;
  • All players must be registered online using DLC Sports, Inc. tournament player registration system.  There are no exceptions to this requirement.  Failure to register teams and players in a timely and accurate manner may result in tournament disqualification.
  • Player eligibility for the U11, U13, and U15 BOYS divisions is determined based on age requirements under U.S. Lacrosse. The age groupings are determined as of August 31st preceding competition.  For example, U15 means that if a player is 14 years old or younger on 8/31/14, then he/she can participate on a U15 team.  
  • Player eligibility for GIRLS will be determined by graduation year.
  • The following tables should be used to determine team level eligibility:

BOYS Eligibility Chart:

Born on or after 9/1/1999:  U15

Born on or after 9/1/2001: U13

Born on or after 9/1/2003: U11 

GIRLS Eligibility Chart:

High School A & B:  Graduation years (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)

Middle School A & B:  Graduation years (2019, 2020, 2021)

Mini Stix:  2022, 2023, 2024


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