Utah Mamaci Black
Coach: Maggie HerrNeckar
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Club: Utah Mamaci
Team Key: 100-192


Ranked #32 in the country among 1999 Girls teams
  • You are ranked 0th among Gold teams in Utah
  • You are ranked #0 overall in Utah
  • You compete at the Gold level
  • Your latest ranked result was on 11/15/2020
  • Your record in the past year was 0-0-0
  • Your best competition: Gold teams
  • You can manage your games to enhance accuracy
      Sara ElmenAdmin
      Julie GluskerCoach
      Maggie HerrNeckarCoach
      Soni BartlettContact
      No. NamePosition
      2 Tessa BraleyDefense
      24 SierraMidfield
      99 Portia CardMidfield
      99 Shari CardMidfield
      25 Audree EreksonMidfield
      26 Hannah KingAttack / Midfield
      99 Maggie LewisMidfield
      27 Mckinan LittleMidfield
      52 Katherine Mattenakmattena@hotmail.com
      22 Ellie MeldrumGoalie
      54 Tiffany NordAttack / Defender
      7 Regan Schleidtnurseschleidt@aol.co
      62 Kaitlyn SkinnerDefense
      60 Payton UrichAttack
      37 Maclaine WardMidfield
      86 Bella WatersMidfield

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