2013 Mid-Atlantic PlayDay




Mid-Atlantic Playday


WHEN: June 1-2 2013  

WHERE: Garrison Forest - Games will be played on Grass and Turf fields.

PARTICULARS:  Each team is guaranteed 3- 45 minutes games in one day


Tournament Details:

Mid-Atlantic Playday tournament  for the classes of 2014 – 2021 with all of the accommodations recommended by the IWLCA such as: 

  • Regulation full-size fields.
  • Separate divisions within grad years for competitive parity.
  • High School team players must be of the same graduation year (i.e., 2014's must play in the 2014 division and only 2015's in the 2015 division). 
  • Middle School combination teams permitted, but the team must play in the bracket of its oldest player.
  • Fields are in close proximity for college recruiting. 
  • Separate seating area for college coaches. 

Registration:  opens 9AM (EST) Thursday, February 7, 2013

$800 / team


$  300 / team  DEPOSIT      Registration Fee (no payment = no slot)

$  500 / team  TEAM FEE    Balance due by May 1, 2013


After April 1, 2013 - all teams fees are non-refundable.

Registration will close at 72 teams.


Online Check-In

Online Check In is now available for this event.

What is Online Check-in?

Online Check-in eliminates the need for your team to show up in person before your first game by allowing you to complete the check-in process online. You will be required to upload .pdf files or images to the secure sincSports cloud. The event will determine which documents are required.

There is a $20 non-refundable fee.

You must scan documents or take digital photos to complete this process. We will help you through the rest! Please click the link below to begin:

Begin Online Check-in