• Long Island Elite Showcase: Tournament Information
      The bracket, schedules, & field map information will be posted approximetaly 1 week prior to the tournament!
      Team Tents
      Team tents please place tents on the perimeters of the venue as indicated on the field map.
      No Dogs
      No barbeques on Nassau County property

      Parking is FREE

      $10.00 donation per family.  Proceeds will benefit the Ambulance Corp., "Back Pack Pirates" Homeless School Supply Drive, Yellow Jacket Scholarship Fund, The Gerry Holland Memorial Award and more to be announced.

      Game Play
      Varsity & JV: USL HS rules will apply
      MS: USL Modified Checking Rules Apply
      12 v12
      3 Divisions: Varsity, JV, Rising Stars
      Guaranteed 4, 30 minute games
      15 Full size grass fields
      Certified Officials
      Tournament Rules 
      Duration of Play               
      • All games are twenty five minutes running time.      
      • No time outs. 
      • A central horn starts and ends all games. 
      • No free positions are taken after the horn sounds. 
      Rules of Play                
      • 2017 to 2020  teams will use regular U.S. Lacrosse Women’s Rules.
      •  2021  teams may elect to play regular U.S. Lacrosse Women’s Rules if both coaching staffs agree.  If both coaches cannot agree then the game is played using Youth Level A rules, which includes the three second closely guarded count, modified checking, no follow through on shots into the crease, and allows coaches to move the full length of the sideline as long as they do not cross, or stand, in front of their opponents bench area.                
      • 2022 teams and under must play U.S. Lacrosse Youth Level A rules

      Sportsmanship is key. Please respect the coaches referees, players & fans.  This tournament is
      for you, the athlete, to showcase your ability & have fun. Recruit-ability depends on many
      aspects of your game – not the least of which is good sportsmanship. Please pass this along to your parents!

      Team Check-In
      The coach of EACH team must check in with Tracy  Wiener-Provenz before your first game. There will be a table set up by the entrance. Coaches must provide their on-site cell phone contact number and get any last minute directions.

      There will be plenty of food, Ice Cream and Smoothies. Vendors aplenty – clothes, jewelry, handbags, flip flops and equipment!  Bring your wallets!

      Safety & Conveniences
      Trash cans will be everywhere – please use them!
      Trainers are available. Trainers will NOT tape unless you bring your own tape.
      Indoor Restrooms
      Dogs are not permitted on the grounds - leave your dog at home.
      Don’t forget the sunscreen.
      No grills or cooking is permitted

      Inclement weather
      While we can only hope for glorious weather next week – please understand there is no Plan B.  
      •  As with any outdoor event, competition is subject to the elements. Tournament play may be suspended or cancelled as a result of inclement weather or field safety conditions
      • Safety dictates that competition will cease if thunder is heard or lightning is spotted
      • Games will not be re-scheduled. Games will re-start, in real time, 20 minutes after the last bolt was sighted or sooner if the sky clears
      • If the entire Tournament needs to be cancelled all teams will receive a partial refund of their tournament fees. All other weather situation refunds are at the discretion of the LI Elite Showcase Directors.

      College Coaches
      Do not endanger your eligibility to play in college Please ask your parents to respect the responsibilities of the college coaches and basically leave them alone - they are working to assess your skills and size-up your recruit-ability!
      The College Coach’s Hospitality Tent is off limits to everyone except the college coaches
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