Prime Time Young Guns 2021


Prime Time Young Guns/Fall Fest is a one-day tournament and premier recruiting event for the classes of 2025– 2028 with all recommendations of the Intercollegiate Women's Lacrosse Coaches Association (IWLCA) included.


  • Regulation full-size fields.
  • Four 40 minute games in a showcase format.
  • Separate divisions within grad years for competitive parity.
  • Team players must be of the same graduation year.
  • Combination teams are allowed in these ages, but must play in the bracket of its oldest player.


Schedule of Play:

2025 - 2029 : Cedar Lane

When Schedule is posted!


Select SCHEDULES from the drop down menu (middle of the top bar);

Select your Division (under Girls)

Select STANDINGS and locate your team in the Division pool   

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Cedar Lane • 1100 Cedar Lane Rd • Bel Air, MD • 21015             



Each athlete must complete the electronic waiver BEFORE she competes at Prime Time Young Guns. This is on the email sent every night to those who have yet to complete. On that email, click the BLUE button to the right that says WAIVER! You may also get your User ID and password from your coach/admin. If you need help with your waiver, please contact


  • Teams will play 3 full games. Each game will be timed at two 20 minute halves with a 2 minute halftime.
  • Each field is lined for full field competition. 
  • Tournament rules are listed in the program. US Women’s Lacrosse Rules will be followed at ALL levels of play. Full checking is allowed at EVERY level.

Safety & Conveniences:

  • Toilets are plentiful and strategically located near the fields.
  • Trash containers will be everywhere – please use them!       
  • Trainers are on the field for first aid only- not for taping.
  • Dogs are NOT permitted on the grounds - leave your dog at home.
  • Grills, and the cooking that goes with them, will be restricted to the vendors.

Inclement Weather

While we can only hope for glorious weather– please know there is no Plan B in the event of inclement weather.

·        As with any outdoor event, competition is subject to the elements. Tournament play may be suspended or cancelled as a result of inclement weather or field safety conditions.

·        Safety dictates that competition will cease if thunder is heard or lightning is spotted.

·        Games will re-start, in real time, 20 minutes after the last bolt was sighted or sooner if the sky clears.

·        Games will not be re-scheduled.

In the event of inclement weather that causes complete or significant cancellation of tournament play, LI Elite Events reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to offer either partial refunds to participating teams or rain credits towards next year’s registration. There shall be no refunds for individual games lost to weather delays. Clubs will be notified if any weather related refund/credit shall be provided within 30 days following event. In no event shall LI Elite Events be responsible for refunding individual player fees paid to any given Club. Please contact your Club Administrator for information on how any weather related team refunds might be applied at the Club level.


Weather Updates:


Team Check-in:  A Must!

The coach of each team or club must check in at the Registration tent prior to their first game to check the status of the team, collect the programs for the team and get any last minute directions. Waivers must be recorded online by Oct 15 for EACH athlete that will take the field. Any athletes who have not completed their online waiver by Oct. 15 will NOT be permitted to compete.

Team Tents

Due to COVID 19 - no Team or Family Tents will be allowed.



Sportsmanship RULES at Prime Time Young Guns.  Anyone violating the good sportsmanship expected of all players, coaches, fans and parents will be promptly escorted from the venue.



Shoplifting is a CRIME and will not be tolerated at LI Elite events. Anyone caught shoplifting will be immediately expelled from the tournament and will not be allowed to participate in any future LI Elite Event tournaments. 

The continued participation of the shoplifter’s team may also be jeopardized.  Vendors are encouraged to prosecute shoplifters under the full extent of the law.   


We strongly suggest that parents and coaches reiterate this policy to players in advance as there will be no exceptions.  


2021 Rules

2021 Spring Rules Sheet
2021 US Lacrosse rules will be used
**All games will start with a draw unless current COVID-19 protocols prevent it.**
All Teams, youth and HS, will play the following exception: If at the end of each half, a major foul by the defense in the 8 meter arc has been whistled, the shot will be awarded. One shot, no pass, no rebound play.
-Goalies must wear shin guards.
-No jewelry is allowed on players.
-The first alternate possession will go to the team with the light colored jerseys.
2021 Youth Rules (2027-2030) In addition to the above, 2027-30 will play USL youth rules: • No deputy may be used for the goalie at any time.
• No follow through into the goal circle. Stick or body.
• The 1 pass rule will not be used
2027-2029 - Transitional checking
(Checking allowed above the shoulder but the sphere is extended to 12” around the head.)
2030 - Modified checking
(Checking allowed below the shoulder only & player must be in a legal checking position
Game Timing
? Games times will be determined for each event and the clock will run at all times. ? The central horn is the official time and must be followed. No time outs.
? In bracket play games may end in a tie.
Team Behavior The head coach will be responsible for the behavior of personnel affiliated with their team, including all assistant coaches and fans, and will receive any cards related to lack of bench decorum.
A yellow (2 mins) or red card (4 mins) to the coach counts towards the team fouls and a player must be removed.
Players receiving 2 yellows will not have to sit the following game, but it will be reported to the tournament director and subsequent cards could result in suspension.
A coach or player receiving a red card could be required to sit an additional game.
All decisions on penalties for cards will be at the discretion of the tournament committee and the head official. Updated: April 1, 2021 (over)
2021 Fall Rules Sheet - con’t
************************************************ If required COVID-19 Game Start
To Start Game:
A coin toss to determine the first possession - coaches and officials handle the coin toss, maintaining 6 feet apart.
Teams will start in a standard set up: 4 defenders behind the line, 3 midfielders between the restraining lines and 4 attackers behind the line. Teams may go to a 5, 3, 3 - but no greater change
After a Goal
The GK will pick the ball up using her stick and roll the ball back to the center circle. A midfielder will pick up the ball, using her stick, and stand on the center line where the draw would normally take place. Both teams will fully reset to the 4-3-4 or the 5-3-3 - and once the ball is set and the teams are set, the official will blow the restart whistle.
The free position at center to start the game, the half, and after each goal will be an indirect free position.

Updated: April 1, 2021

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