Women's College Lacrosse Recruits

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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Abigail Andrus Redshirts 22 Attack2022
Chase Meagher AFA 21/22 Midfield / Defense2022
Shaye Gluckman Lax Maniax 2024 Black 2024
Kyleigh Wheeler True PA Valley Black Attack2022
Amanda Munoz Swarm 22 White Defense2022
Sydney Fowler True MD 2022 Attack / Midfield2022
Kyra Spain Atlanta Storm 2024 Blue Attack2024
Molly Bennett Bbl North 2022 Midfield2022
Elise Colson AFA 21/22 Midfield2022
Sarah Kreider Atlanta Storm 2022 Attack / Midfield2022
Mia Mitchell Phantastix 2023 Purple Defense2023
Kirra Coufal Checkhers 23 Black Defense2023
Kaley Bruning Summit Elite 2022 Midfield2022
Allie Hartnett MFL 2022 Black Midfield2021
Whitaker Smith GRIT Dallas 2023 2023
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LIPRIME 2020 F F N 5 0
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